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Compassionate Living

If you can live your life without harming others, why wouldn't you? Join the movement to a cruelty-free lifestyle.


Eating & Living Vegan

This site is dedicated to helping people who want to be the change they want to see in the world... and in themselves. Although it may feel daunting at times, like one person can’t make much of an impact… the opposite is true. Change can only happen when each person takes respsonsibility for their own actions, and then helps others to make positive changes as well. 

Veganism is being heralded as the fastest growing social movement in history… and for good reason. People are waking up to the science of healthy eating and realizing that not only do we not need animal products to survive and thrive, but they are actually bad for us. That naturally leads to a plant-based diet. But veganism is waking up to the fact that we don’t need animal flesh or by-products to thrive, so there is no justification for the extreme brutality, and ultimately murder, that we are subjecting our fellow earthlings to every day. 

On this site you will find reviews of vegan foods and cruelty-free products that you can find either in local stores or online, and other information to help you on your journey. Please remember that every purchase we make, whether food, clothing, or cleaning products, DOES make a difference. We speak with our buying dollars. Let’s show manufacturers, restaurants, retailers,  farmers, and policy makers that we DO care about our health, our planet, and our fellow earthlings.

Eat Right

Keep in mind that eating a healthy diet of any kind, including plant-based or vegan, should consist of mainly whole foods - veggies, fruits, nuts and grains. Processed foods should not be a regular staple in any diet, but certainly eating a plant-based “meat” is much better than eating the decaying corpse of an animal. So if you are just transitioning from a typical meat-and-cheese-heavy Western diet, substituting animal flesh with faux meat, and substituting dairy and eggs with plant-based replacements is a great way to get started! 

A little disclaimer...

We are not doctors or dietitians, so if you have any health related questions or issues, consult a physician for professional advice. Also, please note that this is a brand new start-up site, not yet fully populated. Please be patient and check back frequently for more product updates as they become available. Thank you for choosing compassion! 

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