As people are becoming aware of how terrible dairy products are for your body, as well as for the animals who have to continually produce milk in order to make cheese, there is a growing demand for plant-based alternatives. Cheese is the one of the last animal products people are willing to give up, mostly because of their addiction (due to hormones in the milk itself), and because it’s a comfort food that we’ve all come to rely on. The great news for animal-lovin’ cheese-lovers everywhere is that there are finally plenty of delicious plant-based cheeses on the market that will keep any connoisseur happy! But keep in mind that cheese may be the most difficult item to reproduce as of right now, so some vegan cheeses are down right yucky. We have sampled some of the options we could get our hands on, and below is our opinions of what cheese products you might want to try.

Not sure you are ready to give up animal milk or cheese? Check out this video entitled “Dairy is Scary” - it might help you decide...

Dairy Is Scary

PLEASE NOTE: many cheeses on the market are labeled soy or almond on the front, but still contain milk in some form. Always check the ingredients list!

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