Veganism is being heralded as the fastest growing social movement in history… and for good reason. More than a diet, living a vegan lifestyle allows people to live in synch with their own morals and values. Now that science has proven that the optimum amount of animals products (meat, dairy, eggs) in a healthy diet is zero, people around the world are adopting a plant-based diet. And since most people also consider themselves animal lovers, or are at least against cruelty and violence, becoming vegan is the next natural step.

Being a vegan is not a diet or a religion, it is merely acknowledging that there is no justification for enslavement, torture, or murder of trillions of helpless animals, especially when we do not need them to live well. Therefore, you would not consume animal flesh or products, wear animal skins of any kind (including fur and leather), and not use products (such as cosmetics and cleaners) that contain animal parts or by-products, or are tested on animals. Being vegan is just making choices that do not perpetuate or promote cruelty and violence. It's that simple! And it's not only better for the animals, but it's better for your own health and the entire planet.

It is vital that everyone educate themselves on how animal agriculture is affecting our health and our planet, and how animal products are obtained and used. Most people are completely unaware of how animals are brought into existence, live their lives, and are slaughtered. The average person is shocked when then discover the truth about the food they've been eating and their own contribution to the system. We have put together this site to help you get started with, or to continuing learning about veganism, as well as providing links to shopping and other educational sources.

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If you want help transitioning your farm from animal products to plant products, here are some resources to help you get started.

the dangers of dioxins
DIOXINS are polluting the planet on a catastrophic level and affecting every one of us today. It is imperative that we all become aware of what's happening.
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