There are probably millions of videos on the internet that you would find helpful, informative, and entertaining, but we wanted to give you a place to start. Here are a few of the most popular and powerful videos on the subjects of veganism and ethical living. 


Philip Wollen TEDx Talk on Ethics

Philip Wollen: Ethics in a Meat-Free World - TEDx

With our planet on the brink of death... literally... it is imperative that we ALL understand the causes and the remedies and act immediately if we are to survive. This TEDx talk by Philip Wollen is a must-see for every citizen of planet Earth. Mr. Wollen is a former Vice-President of Citibank and was also General Manager at Citicorp. He became a vegan following his departure from Citibank, and is now a prominent member of the animal rights movement. His message is one that must not be ignored.


Gary Yourofsky: Best Speech Ever!

One of the most influential activists in the vegan / animal liberation movement is Gary Yourofsky. Here is his viral video that has fueled the movement that will change the world - it’s a must-watch for everyone. We’re pretty sure that if you watch this video you will be inspired to choose a lifestyle of compassion - for your health, for the planet, for the animals.

Damien Mander TedX Talk

Damien Mander: Modern Warrior - TEDx Talk

Former black-ops sniper, Damien Mander, gives an honest and unforgettable TEDx talk that will make you question your values.

James Aspey

James Aspey: This is Your Wakeup Call

From meat-loving fitness trainer to acclaimed vegan and animal rights activist, James Aspey’s story of survival and awakening is sure to inspire you.

Erin Janus Dairy is Scary

Erin Janus: Dairy is Scary

Popular YouTuber, Erin Janus,  brings you this powerful six-minute look at the dairy industry and why we all need to ditch dairy.

Erin Janus - Turkey Day

Turkey Day
(Erin Janus)

WHAT? OMG, this is pretty nasty ya'll. Another great video by Erin Janus - the perfect video to share with your friends as the holiday season approaches and people want to put a turkey on their dinner table.

Erin Janus - Whats Wrong With Eggs

What's Wrong with Eggs?
(Erin Janus)

Erin Janus explains the egg industry. Many people go vegetarian, or vegan but still eating eggs. Why not? Here's why. We're pretty sure you'll be done with eggs after watching this.

Food For Thought - CHICKEN

Food for Thought: CHICKEN
(Erin Janus)

Once again, Erin Janus reveals the disturbing, disgusting, and heart-wrenching truth about factory farmed animals. With no real protections in place, chickens are probably the most abused animals on the planet.

Overfishing Consequences

Overfishing - The Consequences

This short 2 minute video breaks down the collapse of the oceans and the disturbing devastation of overfishing. "An international group of ecologists and economists warned that the world will run out of seafood by 2048 - Washington Post."

Why You Should Stop Eating Fish

Why You Should Stop Eating Fish
(The Vegan Activist)

An excellent video, less than five minutes long, that will explain the many reasons that eating fish is bad in every way. From the destruction of the oceans to the adverse affects it has on health, eating fish is just bad.

Go Vegan Overnight

How to Go Vegan Overnight
(The Vegan Activist)

5 simple steps for going Vegan RIGHT NOW! The animals can't wait. It's really quite easy so there's not need to delay. Do it for yourself, for your planet, for the victims... the animals. 

Howard Lyman Mad Cowboy

Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat
(Howard Lyman)

An unforgettable lecture by The Mad Cowboy (and mad cow disease expert), Howard Lyman, about animal agriculture: politics, law, veganism, and more.

101 Reasons to Go Vegan

101 Reasons to Go Vegan

James Wildman of the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida (ARFF) gives a comprehensive class on veganism that includes animal ethics and cognitive dissonance. A great resource for education.

Rip Esselstyn Plant Strong

Plant Strong & Healthy Living
(Rip Esselstyn)

Former firefighter and author of The Engine 2 Diet, Rip inspired his fellow firefighting crew at the Austin Engine 2 station to follow a plant-based diet and dramatically heal their health.

For Kids - 5 Reasons We Don't Eat Meat

For Kids - 5 Reasons We Don't Eat Meat
(Bite Size Vegan)

Emily of Bite Size Vegan has put out many kid-friendly videos that explain why we don't eat dairy, eggs, or meat. Here's a good place to start... why we don't eat meat. A great tool for explaining veganism to the little ones.

Can Vegans Be Top Athletes

Can Vegans Be Top Athletes?
(Mic the Vegan)

 From runners and bodybuilders to climbers and surfers, these athletes are a testament against the misconception that you can't build and fuel the human body on a vegan diet.

Mic the Vegan - Whole Foods Transition

Whole Food Vegan Transition Guide
(Mic the Vegan)

Another super helpful video from Mic the Vegan - this time teaching us how to go from a junk food vegan to a healthy, whole food vegan. This is the most healthy way to eat by far.


More video recommendations:

Why Vegan?

What is Veganism?

Is Your Diet Destroying the Ocean?

Anima: Animals. Faith. Compassion. - Religious leaders weigh in on animal cruelty and eating animals.

Power Foods for the Brain (Dr. Neal Barnard) | TEDx

Food betrayal -- don’t swallow the lies | Alan Lewis | TEDxBoulder

Interview - Colm Kelleher - Mad Cow and Misdiagnosed Alzheimer's Disease

Why Doctors Don't Recommend Veganism #1 (there is an entire series)

iAnimal Pigs (virtual reality from an pig's point of view)

 COWSPIRACY in 15 minutes - if you don't have Netflix and don't want to pay to watch the documentary, then check out this free version that hits some of the key points about the future of our planet.


There are many awesome YouTubers out there who are dedicated to helping people go vegan, and helping vegans to be more informed and healthy. Below are some we think you might like to check out. Many of these good people rely on donations, often through Patreon, to be able to do what they do. If you find someone who you feel is worthy, and you are able, please consider supporting their work through donations.

MIC THE VEGAN - One of the best channels on YouTube, providing entertaining facts and science on pretty much every subject you can think of... and some you would never have thought of.

ERIN JANUS - A unique approach to educating, Erin's hard-hitting videos are great tools in educating the general public about the atrocities of animal agriculture and the dangers in eating animal products.

GARY YOUROFSKY - No vegan list would be complete with Gary's incredible and world-changing video channel. So many powerful videos, but don't miss Best Speech Ever.

DIRECT ACTION EVERYWHERE - Watch heroic rescues and animal liberation activism that is sure to inspire you. See how all of us can work together to make a difference for the animals.

BITE SIZE VEGAN - Another fun channel that is very fact-packed, Emily's approach if fun and interesting, sometime heart-wrenching... but a great place to learn. She also features a series of videos just for kids (as sampled above).

VEGAN RICHA - Vegan cooking for everyone! A truly wonderful channel for cooking inspiration.

JON VENUS - Attention athletes! Jon Venus is a popular fitness guru / body builder who has dedicated his career to vegan fitness. Relatable and fun, check out his channel for inspiration, meal ideas, etc.

PLANT BASED NEWS (PBN): Keep up on what's up. Just like it sounds... news for vegans. YAY!

EARTHLING ED - A very helpful and informative channel all about education and how-to's with a leader in street activism... the very likable and knowledgable Earthling Ed.

JAMES ASPEY - James' story and extreme (but non-violent) activism have caught the public's attention. His kind and friendly demeanor along with this genuine passion make him an activist that is inspirational and relatable. This is the guy who took a year-long vow of silence to raise awareness of the abuses of the animal agriculture industry. Lots of interesting videos for sure.

JOEY CARBSTRONG - From gang life and prison bars to vegan life and animal rights activism, Joey Carbstrong brings a very street-wise element to education and activism in a way that is relatable to everyone.