What’s Wrong With Palm Oil?

It’s more complicated than you might think...

The problem with palm oil is that its production is causing massive deforestation, putting many species at risk of extinction, and has a horrible impact on the planet in general. This has caused many people, especially vegans, to boycott any product that contains palm oil. However, this may not be the best way to address the problem. Palm oil is not only used in man foods, but also in cosmetics, biofuels, and more. As with many issues we face today, the problem and the solution are both more complex than what we see on the surface. 

Below are some resources that give important information and some things to consider on the important topic of palm oil and what to do about it.

• Why is palm oil bad for the environment, and what can people do to help?

• Why is palm oil so bad?

• SOS: Sumatran Orangutan Society (orangutans & palm oil)

• Why palm oil is bad, but boycotting it even worse

ORANGUTAN destroyed forest

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