Thank God for the internet! Now we can instantly get information on just about anything, so converting to veganism is easier than ever. Everything you need to know is online - from vegan recipes to animal rights issues. But to help you get started, we've listed a few of our favorites that cover several categories. We hope this helps!

This is fun... see how your own actions impact the environment and animals when you go vegan!


Veganism - One of the best and most comprehensive sites on veganism from one of the most influential activists in the world, Gary Yourofsky. Many great resources, including videos, recipes, and more. - Try veganism for 22 days with personalized mentoring from volunteers. An invaluable service for new vegans - and it’s free! - A comprehensive guide to veganism and how to get started. - An awesome site for new vegans... how to start and stay on the vegan path... and why it's important. - Another great resource that also has a 30 day challenge, along with recipes, food additive information, and more. Located in Australia. - One of the best places to learn essentially any and everything about veganism in a fun and highly technical way… especially if you spend time on his Youtube channel - So many wonderful things to see! From education to recipes to social groups, this is a site for everyone any time of year. - Well this is a no-brainer! Everything vegan. Yep, that's it.

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Animal Rights | Ethics

Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) - Surely the most recognized, and arguably one of the most effective animal rights groups of all time. Founded in 1980 by Ingrid Newkirk, Peta continues to save lives and create change all around the world.

White Coat Waste Project - One of the most heinous and horrifying practices to ever exist is the testing of products and procedures on innocent animals. What’s worse is that WE are paying for it! This organization is working diligently to put an end to shut down all of the torture laboratories and end vivisection forever.

Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) - You’ve probably seen them in the news. This group is fighting worldwide to end factory farming and promote animal liberation by changing the laws that protect animal abusers. Their “open rescue” techniques are challenging the hypocricy of our society in a very public and very effective way. 

ALDF: Animal Legal Defense Fund - Covering everything from endangered species to puppy mills, this organization represents animals and their rights. We think this is an incredibly important facet of the battle against suffering and abuse.

Mercy For Animals - Their stated mission is  “to end the greatest cause of suffering on the planet: the exploitation of animals for food, in particular, industrial animal agriculture, aquaculture, and fishing." - This is one of our favorite resources. Fish are so misunderstood that many people don’t even consider them to be animals! Long standing myths, like fish don’t feel pain or have three-second memories, have helped keep water dwelling animals out of our circle of compassion. Please share this information far and wide… and help people realize that fish, and other aquatic animals… are amazing, sentient beings, just like dogs, cats, horses, and us.

Farm Sanctuary - A U.S. organization, founded by Gene Baur,  that rescues farm animals, of course. But they are also great educators - helping the public understand the realities of eating and exploiting animals, and recognize the animals as individuals, not products.

Vegan Justice League - One of the most critical problems animals are facing is government subsidies to animal agriculture. This dedicated group of activists is diving into the political arena to put an end to the corruption and immorality that perpetuates the torture and slaughter of trillions of animals every year. Please support their cause and get involved in your local community - only by changing the laws will we end the suffering forever.

Online Resources

Plant Based News - A multi-award-winning resource for the latest up-to-the-minute plant-based & vegan interest content. It is stuffed with vegan news, blogs, recipes, reviews, and much more (including awesome documentaries!).

Live Kindly - Keep up to date on what’s going on in the world - from celebrity endorsements to business affairs… and recipes to fashion. Another one of our favorite sources of vegan info.

Happy Cow - You gotta do Happy Cow! This might be the most popular vegan resource today. Not only is the website full of great info, but it helps you find vegan options where ever you go! Download the app for free today.

Barnivore - A huge database of vegan beer, wine, and other liquor. Yes… it’s true… some of alcoholic beverages are NOT vegan as they use animal products in their creation process. Who knew? We use this site way more than we would like to admit.

Sentient Media - Sentient Media is a nonprofit media organization working to create transparency around animal rights and the planetary crisis created by global factory farming.

Thrive Magazine - Another great publication that covers everything from cooking to fashion. Online or print.

One Green Planet - News, recipes, petitions, health info, environment… everything that matters to those living a conscientious vegan lifestyle.

Health & Fitness - This official webiste of Dr. Michael Greger, author of best-selling book "How Not To Die", keeps you up-to-date on health and diet issues, with plenty of resources to help you stay out of the doctor’s office. 

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) - Leading a revolution in medicine that puts a new focus on health and compassion. Physicians Committee was founded by Neal D. Barnard, M.D., and has more than 10,000 physician members.

No Meat Athlete - "A plant-based diet can make you fitter, faster, and happier: No Meat Athlete can show you how."

Vegan Fitness - Take the 8 week challenge: Bianca and Nimai will guide you into the best shape of your life and teach you how to stay in amazing shape all year round.

Vegan Body Building & Fitness - The Community For Vegan Bodybuilders & Athletes! is where you can learn & share about being "healthy for life" as a plant-based athlete — whether you're just starting your journey, or you're a seasoned pro.

Cooking | Recipes

VEGAN.COM/EasyVeganFoods - This page gives you some great ideas on what you can eat that isn't too terribly complicated (for those of us who aren't chefs). - Wow! Some amazing recipes with beautiful photos. You'll get hungry just looking at this site!

Vegan Richa - One of our favorites for sure - you won’t believe this food is vegan! Make sure to check out their social media sites as well.

Oh She Glows - Website from the author of the popular cookbook by the same title. Delicious recipes for every occasion, many of which are gluten-free.

Forks Over Knives - Recipes, meal planning, and even online cooking classes! After you watch their life-changing documentary, check out their website to learn about eating your way to good health and a longer life.

It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken - "Fuss-free vegan recipes” - plus videos and cookbook. We especially love their "50 Easy Vegan Recipes for Beginners” page!

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The Vegan Kind Supermarket - HOLY COW! This is the superstore of online vegan shopping. What can you get here? Groceries, candles, toiletries, and even clothing. One-stop vegan shopping.

Vegan Essentials
 - A great way to shop vegan online. This is essentially a vegan department store, offering everything from grociers to vitamins to cleaning products!

The Herbiverous Butcher - Almost every kind of gourmet vegan meat and cheese you can think of! Find a local retailer or order online. Truly amazing!

Vegan Fashion Shopping List - This page by Farm Sanctuary is fantastic for learning how and where to find vegan-friendly clothing and accessories, with a comprehensive list of companies offering vegan apparel.

Petit Vour - "The luxury destination for cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle." Clothing, accessories, skin care, makeup, and more.

Heart Cure Clothing - Ethical, eco-friendly, vegan clothing for everyone. Offering an excellent line of Animal Liberation logo attire as well.

Herbivore - Men's and women's apparel and accessories (like wallets, belts, and socks), kitchen items, books, and more. All vegan and cruelty-free.

Grape Cat - Vegan clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. They also have some fun misc. stuff like mugs and mousepads.

The Vegan Society shopping guide - this page has links to all kinds of helpful resources including fashion, food, and shopping around the world!

Awesome Activism

DxE: Direct Action Everywhere - You’ve probably seen them in the news. DxE has been instrumental in exposing the horrors of factory farming through education, open rescues, disruptions, protests, lobbying and more. Their controversial methods are opening doors to changing unjust and insufficient laws around the world.  Join a local group near you.

Sea Shepherd - Our oceans, and all life that exists in them, is on the brink of complete collapse! The Sea Shepherd organization has long been the guardian and voice of the amazing animals that live in oceans, often risking their very lives to protect those that have no voice in our daily land-locked lives. These are the brave activists featured on Animal Planet’s TV series WHALE WARS.

Anonymous for the Voiceless - Highly effective street activism using the "Cube of Truth" to expose the realities of factory farming and how to end it. Any vegan can participate - find a local cube near you or start your own.

269 Libération Animale - This collection of brave activists in France are showing the world that it's time to take action on behalf of the victims of the animal holocaust. Through direct action and civil disobedience they are raising awareness and changing lives. Follow them on Facebook, and find your local 269 to see what they're doing in your area.

The Save Movement - Bearing witness to and documenting the last terrifying moments of animals before entering the slaughterhouse. This important activism brings to light the individual lives that are the victims of the holocaust. Each and every being that goes to slaughter is someone, not something. They are also involved in enivornmental and health issues.

Howard Lyman  (Aka The Mad Cowboy) - This outspoken and entertaining activist was once the owner of a major cattle operation in Montana! Not only is he an influential voice for veganism, he is also an expert on Mad Cow Disease and vCJD (varient Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease) and animal agriculture. Howard garnered international attention when his appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show landed him in a heated law suit with worried Texas cattle ranchers. While Howard doesn't have a social media presence, just search his name on the internet and watch his movies and videos, and you are sure to be outraged, inspired, and informed.

Earthling Ed (aka Ed Winters) - This channel is another great resource for learning. Earthling Ed's calm demeanor and unwavering confidence are inspirational, but he also has several videos that are geared towards helping vegans become activists. Also follow his organization, Surge Activism.

Philip Wollen - This former Vice President of Citibank and General Manager at Citicorp gave up the "good life" to become a voice for the voiceless. His message of peace is powerful and important. Check out his website and follow him on social media and learn how to take action.

James Aspey - Former personal trainer turned vegan activist, James Aspey gained international attention when he took a one year vow of silence to raise awareness for the plight of factory farmed animals. He has gathered a large and loyal following due to his charismatic personality and effective and honest approach. A great resource for learning how to talk to meat-eaters (carnists) about veganism.

 Joey Carbstrong (aka Joey Armstrong) - A former gang member and ex-con, Joey is a great ambassador to those who feel marginalized by our modern society. The disenfranchised now have someone they can relate to, who can speak to them in real terms and reach their hearts. It's wonderful to follow such a beautiful success story, and his videos are always interesting.

Wayne Hsiung - One of the founders of DxE (Direct Action Everywhere), and also an environmental activist, Wayne is not afraid to put his freedom on the line and challenge animal agriculture and giant food corporations. From lobbying to open rescue, Wayne is definitely a leader in the animal liberation movement. Follow his social media to see what he and his colleagues are up to next.

Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed - Born into wealth and privilege, Prince Khaled had it all. Then one hunting trip changed his life forever. Now this down-to-earth Saudi Prince is one of the biggest contributors to the animal rights and environemental movements. From Plant Based News to Beyond Burgers, he is changing the world in his own right. (Here’s a great article from 2017 that gives some insight into his life and activism.)

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